I Grow in Jesus' Family - The Journey of Faith - No. 3

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The Journey of Faith - No. 3 ISBN 9966-08-284-0; 80 pages; 2nd reprint 2012 Read more

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Available in Portuguese, Swahili and Other Local Languages.

I Grow in Jesus’ Family

Aware that the journey of faith is very important in our life, the family, especially the parents, must take responsibility for the religious formation of their children. They must be, in fact, the first catechists, the ones who hand over the Christian faith to the younger generation through their example, prayer and teaching. Since many parents, for various reasons, feel inadequate to carry out such a demanding task, they usually entrust the Christian formation of their children to the Parish and Schools. This is done basically thanks to the devotion and dedication of many catechists and teachers. The Catechism that you are holding in your hands follows the journey of the Catechumenate, but it is suitable also for the adolescents who are preparing for First Confession, Confirmation or First Holy Communion. At the same time, this catechism can assist the younger members of the Church in their desire to deepen the Christian faith, to experience the joy of being disciples of Christ, and to be his witnesses in today’s society.

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