How to Get my Life Right

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By J.M. Roca ISBN 9966 134 Pages: Publication 2012 Read more

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We tend to live outwardly, monopolised and seduced by externals, so we cannot hear Jesus Christ's voice. This book is intended to help today's youth to "step out from the ranks" to pay attention the sense of their existence: What for are we in this world? It is meant to help the reader to understand better that our existence, my existence, takes shape and develops as the creature responds to a call from the Creator and Redeemer- which can be heard only in the depth of an interior silence. The Christian vocation entails a commitment of Love. What many reject is precisely this commitment, out of fear for what the future may hold. We must give our life for others. That is the only way to live life of Jesus Christ and to become one with Him.

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