Homilies to Seminarians - Christ Yesterday, Today and Always

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By Guido Oliana, mccj ISBN 9966-60-207-7; 328 Pages: Publication 2021 Read more

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In the attempt of linking the word of God with life, I Often make reference to the situations that we experience daily. God speaks always to us through the situations or contexts in which we live, the thick and thin of life. A word which does not enlighten and challenge our situations of life is not the word of God, but expression of a religious ideology or a paragraph of a religious talk. I hope this book will inspire my former and present students of philosophy and theology, and hopefully other seminarians, so that they may see the demanding and exciting ministry of the Word, and this feel their vocation as ordained priests not to be a mere bureaucratic task but a service, first to God and then to people. To, God: because through their ministry of the word they become so to speak "microphones of God himself in announcing and actualising his word. To people: because they become signs of Christ, who is God's word made flesh.         

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