History of Philosophy (A) - For (Almost) Everyone

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By Silvano Borruso ISBN 9966-08-200-X; Pages 185; Publication 2007: 1st reprint  2014 Read more

The History of philosophy does not portray, as would be desirable, wisdom increasing with the centuries. At times wisdom suffers dramatic setbacks. We are harvesting today a crop of philosophical errors sown a long time ago. And the errors are not just bits of mildly noxious theoretical speculation. They are things like lethal disease, depressing poverty, perverted economics, wages slavery, mind-numbing education, farcical politics, and worse. Gilson remarked on one occasion that it is not difficult to find the truth. What is difficult is not to run away from it after finding it. To those readers who see what the philosophers portrayed between the covers of this book did not, or would not, see, and have the ability, the willingness and the power, l wish that Divine providence may help them to turn things around.

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