Healing the Wounds of Trauma

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By Margraret Hill, Harriet Hill, Richard Bagge and Pat Miersma Read more

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ISBN 9966-08-785-0; 112 pages; publication 2004; 

It had been three months since the soldiers had come through the village raping, killing, pillaging and burning. Pastor Paul was at his wit's end. He said to his wife, "I can't cope with all of the people coming to me for help. Mary is inconsolable since her husband and son were killed. The Young women who were raped by the soldiers have sad, empty faces, and have lost all interst in life. Matthew was always such a pleasant man, but since he lost his arm, he is angry all the time. I keep having dreams of the day the soldiers came, and i wake up trembling in fear. I dont know what to do; God seems so far away." This book is addressed to people who have experienced some kind of trauma, such as war, criminal activity or natural disasters. It particularly seeks to help church leaders who have members in their church who have been traumatized. The chpters deal with different aspects of trauma, giving basic psychological teaching within a bibilical framework. People can understand and experience God's healing best in their own hert language. Because of this, the book wa written in a style of English that is easy to translate into their languages.

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