HIV/AIDS Manual for Facilitators/Trainers

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Kenya Episcopal Conference Catholic Secretariat Commission for Education ISBN 9966-21-555-7; Year of Publication 2000, First Reprint 2001, Second Reprint 2002, Third Reprint 2005; 120 Pages Read more

The HIV/AIDS Facilitators/Trainers manual is one way in which the Catholic church in Kenya is identifying itself with the epidemic and strengthening the ongoing programmes aimed at slowing the spreading of the disease.

The Church has taken up the challenge to promote significant behaviour change among the youth especially those in schools. This training manual is yet another step forward for the Church towards contribution in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

The manual not only provides facts about HIV/AIDS but also gives techniques and guidance on the best way of handling the subject especially in a school situation. It targets the teachers and youth formators who are in a better position to influence change of behaviour among the youth as they spend ample time with them.

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