HIV/AIDS A Response of Love

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Words of Encouragement and Hope By Bob Kelly, SJ ISBN 9966-21-865-3; Year of Publication 2003; 96 Pages Read more

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What is our response to this pandemic, which is already responsible for more deaths than all the wars of history combined? Death brought by war and terrorism comes through sword, bullet, bomb, and atomic power. Wealthy countries invest vast fortunes in sophisticated defense systems. But the terrible killing power of AIDS comes from its power to destroy the human immune system.

One response to this frightening scenario is in the search for a cure. There is another response, which brings a ray of light into this shadow land of sickness and death. It is directed to those who have contracted AIDS. It is a community response to suffering. It is a response of love, which is as real, and life giving as AIDS is real and death bringing. 

It is a love response by many people in local communities who on a voluntary basis care for the many needs of people with HIV/AIDS who for different reasons cannot be treated in hospitals and so are cared for at home. These care's visit the homes where people with HIV/AIDS stay. They help by supplying food, medicine, and clothing. They wash and clean patients and beds and personal clothing.

They encourage and share hope. They chat and pray with patients. They are motivated by compassion and love. These caregivers work under the umbrella of "Home Based Care" (HBC).

This book is addressed to these caring people. It offers some words of encouragement and hope.

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