Guide to Formation to Priestly Celibacy (A)

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ISBN 9966-21-818-1; Year of publication 2002; 2nd reprint 2013: pages 95 The Sacred Congregation for Catholic Education Read more

The Holy Father in his Encyclical Letter "Sacerdotalis caelibatus" (in.16) found an "Opportunity for setting forth a new and in a way more suited to the men of our time the fundamental reasons for sacred celibacy." At the same time he was concerned that those who decide to become priests be suitably trained in this matter and, therefore, His Holiness willed that "apposite instructions be drawn up with the help of truly qualified men treating with all necessary detail the theme of chastity. They should be sent out as soon as possible to provide those who, within the Church, have the great responsibility of preparing future priests, with timely and competent assistance" (n. 6). 

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