Grasping the Word Year B

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“Grasping the Word” Biblical Commentary represents yet another contribution to the ceaseless human endeavour to comprehend the boundless, ever-new, and endlessly astonishing meaning and content of God’s revelation and communication with humanity contained in the Bible. This commentary explores the biblical passages selected and arranged within the Liturgy of the Word for the Sundays of the "Year B" Cycle of the Catholic Liturgical Calendar.

What sets this commentary apart is its distinctive thematic approach to interpreting these readings. This thematic approach, rooted in the canonical method of biblical analysis, recognises the inherent interconnectedness of biblical texts. It affirms that a single text's true essence and full meaning emerge in its interaction with other texts. By applying this methodology to the Liturgy of the Word, this commentary aims to identify and articulate the overarching theme that runs through and brings together the readings of the day.

This thematic approach does not seek to restrict or limit the richness of individual texts. Instead, it aims to articulate a coherent message of the readings that may inspire and guide preachers, educators, communities, and individual believers. It is intended to aid those wanting to have their minds, hearts, and lives shaped by the Divine Word proclaimed during the Sundays of this Liturgical Year.

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