Grandeur and Misery of Man (The)

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Apostolic Letter SUBLIMITAS ET MISERIA HOMINIS of the Holy Father Francis on the Fourth Centenary of the Birth of Blaise Pascal Read more

ISBN 9966-60-288-6; Year of Publication 2023; 32 Pages

THE GRANDEUR AND MISERY OF MAN. This paradox is central to the thought and enduring message of Blaise Pascal, born four centuries ago, 19 June 1623 in Clermont in central France. From childhood, Pascal devoted his life to the pursuit of truth. By the use of reason, he sought its traces in the fields of mathematics, geometry, physics and philosophy, making remarkable discoveries and attaining great fame even at an early age. Yet he was not content with those achievements. In a century of great advances in many fields of science, accompanied by a growing spirit of philosophical and religious scepticism, Blaise Pascal proved to be a tireless seeker of truth, a "restless" spirit, open to ever new and greater horizons.

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