Governance of Minerals and Natural Resources

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Rigobert Minani Bihuzo SJ and Ferdinand Muhigirwa Rusembuka SJ(Eds) ISBN 9966-08-868-7; 112 Pages: Publication 2014 Read more

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This book is a summary of four papers presented at a seminar on Governance of Natural Resources in Africa. It aims at sharing the thoughts of the participants with those who want to promote good governance of natural resource. It is about governance of minerals, forestry, land and oil-areas in which important issue must be raised concerning management, social justice, human rights, climate change and economic profitability. It is no exaggeration to say that the governance of mining and natural resources is an "Existential" challenge in Africa today.  Indeed the assessment of 50 years of independence, celebrated by more an more African countries, highlights the progress as well as the challenges for the future of the continent.

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