God and Happiness

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 We all want to be happy, without exception. But is there happiness in this world? And if there is, what does it consist of? Can it be attained? Is it a dream, or is it real? If it exists, how can one conquer it? Are there dangers to be avoided? This small volume means to answer these questions. My answers come from my having taught many youths for a number of years. I am grateful to them, for they have taught me how to reflect, how to inquire into the human heart, and to seek the truest and most credible answers in the light of God's word. In a world where everything is presented as an opinion, all in reality look for certainties, and for the certainties that only the Faith can give. Many, and not only the young, feel like a boat in the middle of the ocean, buffeted by the waves, lashed by the wind, without compass, and with threatening storms on the unattended.

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