Girl with a Golden Heart (The)

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By Temar, illustrations by Chris Oluoch ISBN 9966-21-211-6; Pages 24: Publication 1995 Read more

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Once upon a time, in a very isolated village, there livved a little girl named Katy. She was beautiful and gentle, with smiling eyes and a good heart. Her prents loved her dearly. Her brothers and sisters had a special liking for her and whenever they went out shopping they would bring a present for her. Katy loved her brothers and sisters very much but she loved her little brother Dan in a particular way. he played with him and helped him when he wanted something. They both liked their cat nd their dog. One day their brother Joe made a small cart for them. How much fun they had with that little cart! They even carried their cat and their dog in it. On her fifth birthday Katy was given a beutiful present by her mother; it was a doll which could cry. What a surprise it was! This as her first own doll. Before, She was very happy and told all the neighbourhood about her doll.
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