Freedom and Trinity

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Approaching the Trinity from the point of view of human freedom is basically a matter of relevance. If one imagines that the Trinity resides somewhere up there, high above the clouds, it will be seen as something remote and inscrutable, actually so remote and inscrutable as to become irrelevant. If on the contrary, the divine mystery is thought of as vitally connected with human freedom, it becomes the closest thing to us, and the most relevant. Now, where do l find the Trinity? Neither 'up there,' nor primarily in the material universe, nor even 'in me' considered as some sort of spiritual container, but at work in the innermost sphere of my conscious being where day after day, I choose the type of person l want to be, by the exercise of my liberty. The person I am freely constructing as time goes by, is more the work of the Three Divine persons than my own work. In dealing with the Trinity, l go beyond Lonergan because my focus is not on the immanent but on the economic Trinity. I base my analysis on the way they interact with each other in every single stage, moment and event of the incarnation as a process, beginning with the incarnation itself and all the way to the Paschal event.

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