Francis, A Pope from the End of the Earth

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ISBN 9966-08-742-7; 56 pages; publication 2013 By Gianni Valente The Person, Ideas and Style Read more

This book lists the interviews of Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio by the Mario Bergoglio by the magazine 30 Giorni between 2002 and 2009. The introduction contains the report published in the same magazines: Father Bergoglio's Friends. Poor People, Priests and Saints of Buenos Aires Villa Miseria. They portray a reality very dear to the present successor of Peter. Now that he begins his ministry as Bishop of Rome and Successor of Peter, it will be enough to listen to his disarming words and to watch his simple gestures to rejoice in acknowledging that the Lord loves his Church and cares for it. Let us pray that journeying together with Pope Francis will be like a serene and deep breath of life for the entire Church of Christ, and a Positive promise for all people of good will.

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