Foundations of Moral Theology (The)

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By Alexander Lucie-Smith ISBN 9966-08-144-5; Pages 136: 1st reprint 2007 Read more

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Most people, theologians or not, know the basic of the Church's teaching in moral words why the Church holds to certain teachings in moral theology. we may know what it is we should do, and what it is we should avoid, but we might find it hard to explain why certain things are good or right, and other things are wrong or evil. Even these terms, good, right, wrong, evil, are hard to define, and often used at cross purposes. Why do we believe what we believe? and how are our moral beliefs part of our wider beliefs as Christians and Catholics?  In looking at the basis of our beliefs, or their foundation, we shall consider various examples of what we believe, but the focus of this book is more on the why rather than the what, in order to deepen our understanding.

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