Family Catechism (A)

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By Wilfred D'Souza, SDB ISBN 9966-21-258-2; 44 pages; 6th reprint 2014 Read more

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is a qualified, authoritative instrument used to proclaim and witness the good news to all people. The work is subdivided into four parts continuing the long-standing catechetical tradition; what the church believes in (first part: the creed) celebrates (second part: the sacraments) lives (third part: the commandments); and prays (fourth part: the our Father). God is not a remote power who controls the whole Universe. He is our loving Father. Scripture uses the Aramaic word “Abba.” He calls all people, regardless of their race, colour or social condition to unite themselves with him, as his family and people. He created the whole Universe only because of his love, and continues to provide for the needs of his children (Gen 1:27; Lk 12:22-31). He loved the world so much, he sent his Son to save us, and shares his very own life with us, through our Baptism (Jn 3:16-17; 1 Jn 3:1-2). God created man and woman, exalting the human race wonderfully by giving us divine life and making us in his own image and likeness (Ps 8:4-9; Gen 1:26-28).  As our father, God warns us to grow in the right way, and so he gave his orders to our first parents, so they could live happily in his presence (Gen 2:15-17). God’s commandments are a sign of love, not a sign of repression or of cruelty. God’s voice in our hearts guides our daily conduct and behavior.

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