Evangelisation of Cultures

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By Bishop Rodrigo Mejia Saldarriaga, SJ; ISBN 9966-60-282-4, Year of Publication 2023; 151 Pages. Read more

Human history has shown numerous occasions in which, citizens of countries that were called “Christian” or “Catholic” did not hesitate to go to civil wars and killing one another because of internal conflicts in which the enemies were not necessarily foreigners but members of the same nation sharing the same culture. 

In the process of the inculturation of the Gospel, the challenge is clear and had been expressed by Pope Francis: It is imperative to evangelise the cultures to inculturate the Gospel.  A superficial inculturation cannot change the minds of common people. How to evangelise, not just single individuals but the minds and attitudes of a whole community? How to transform a culture in which corruption, violence, tribalism, and gender discrimination prevail even among those baptised Christians? 

It is in line with this challenge that the author of this book, in a spirit of ecclesial synodality, wants to share his reflections, guided by the teaching of the Church, with all those engaged in the common mission of the Church, at all levels, and in the great variety of ministries.

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