Eucharistic Prayers Arranged for Concelebration

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The Preface is sung or said by the principal Priest Celebrant alone; but the Sanctus (Holy,Holy, Holy) is sung or recited by all the concelebrants, together with the people and the choir (GIRM 216). After the Sanctus (Holy, Holy, Holy), the concelebrating Priests continue the Eucharistic Prayer in the way described below. Only the principal celebrant makes the gestures, unless other indications are given (GIRM 217). The parts pronounced by all the concelebrants together and especially the words of Consecration, which all are obliged to say, are to be recited in such a manner that the concelebrants speak them in a low voice and that the principal celebrant's voice is heard clearly. In this way the words can be more easily understood by the people. It is a praiseworthy practice for the parts that are said by all the concelebrants together and for which musical notation is provided in the Missal to be sung (GIRM 218).

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