Eucharistic Adoration

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for the Santification of Priests and spiritual Maternity ISBN 9966-08-425-8; Year of publication 2009; 1st reprint 2009: pages 72 Read more

This means that the harvest is ready, but God wishes to enlist helpers to bring it into the storehouse. God needs them. Hey labourer; I am ready to offer help so that this harvest which is ripening in people's hearts may truly be brought into the storehouses of eternity and become an enduring, divine communion of joy and love. "Pray the Lord of the harvest" also means that we cannot simply "Produce" vocations; they must come from God. Unlike other professions, we cannot simply recruit people by using the right kind of publicity or the correct type of strategy. The call which comes from the heart of God must always find its way into the heart of man. And yet, precisely so that it may reach into hearts, our cooperation is needed.

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