Ethnicity: Blessing or Curse

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Editor Albert de Jong, Contributors; mary N. Getui, Peter Gichure, Alyward Shorter, Francesco Pierli, Richard Muko, Ursulina Presbitero, Patricia Lanigan ISBN 9966-21-457-7; Year of Publication 1999; 87 Pages Read more

Hardly a day passes without a letter to the editor appearing in daily newspapers concerning ethnicity or its degenerated form, ethnocentrisms (tribalism). But the issue is also not shunned in the learned periodicals. Moreover, very frequently nowadays new studies about this phenomenon are published. In most cases the issue is negatively approached, while only very rarely it is seen in its positive form.

Ethnicity has been there since times immemorial. One has only to think of the Jews and the Gentiles and the Romans and the Barbarians.

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