Ethics For Africa Today

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By Christine Wanjiru Gichure ISBN 9966-08-320-0; Pages 248: Publication 2008 Read more

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There is a growing demand for transparency and accountability in public and corporate life. That demand should be allowed to remain a dead letter in reports, regulations and mission statements. It requires every person of good will to do something about it. The aim, of this work is to assist in the understanding of what it take when business and the public lend a deaf ear to ethics. It is to inform, and stir to reflection. The text can help the student of business ethics to acquire a clearer understanding of ethical issues, and it offers sufficient knowledge of the fundamentals to help the reader make reasonable ethical decisions at the workplace. Finally, the book is a challenge to every person in business or in leadership to become as knowledgeable in ethics as they are in other areas pertinent to their functions, such as management, finance, marketing, accounting and so on. For those in the humanities, this book can be valuable for their understanding of the complexities of business ethics.

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