Don Bosco-The friend of Youth

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ISBN 9966-21-199-3; Year of publication 1995; 1st reprint 2001 F.A.Forbes Founder of the salesian society, of the sisters of Mary help of Christians, and of the Salesian co-operators. Read more

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This life so full of colour and of drama, will appeal to all, whatever their creed or opinion. St. John Bosco, or simply 'Don Bosco', as he wished to be called, spent himself wholly, from his very childhood, in healing human miseries. As he saw and foresaw the dangerous surging tide of misled popular masses longing for justice, he threw himself headlong among the youth of the lower classes, pointing to them the only way to a better place in this life and in the life to come. He did not talk much: he acted. He did not write long and elaborate educational treatises: example was is immense success with youngesters, he simply answered: "Love..." Today 17,000 Salesian priests and brothers carry on the work of Don Bosco among the young people.

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