Documents of the Second Vatican Council (The)

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The Second Vatican Council, popularly known as "Vatican II", was a meeting in Rome of Catholic bishops from all over the world. It took place intermittently between 1962 and 1965. The Council was the most significant religious event in the Catholic Church in the 20th century. It is already responsible for many changes and reforms in the Church; these have influenced all the Christian churches and other religions also. Do you have questions about what the Catholic Church teaches or believes? perhaps you're puzzled by some of the Church's work. or by Catholic practices and rituals. Whether you're a cradle Catholic or a convert, a person from another faith tradition or a spiritual seeker, Vatican II should be of interest  to you. A careful study of the documents of the council can lead to a deeper understanding of the faith, and enable you to participate more fully in the renewal that the council initiated. such a study will also prepare you to answer intelligently the questions non-Catholics and non-believers may ask about this historic event.

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