Discovering your Vocation

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A Prayerful way of deciding about a Vocation By Theodore W. Walters, SJ Read more

ISBN 9966-08-918-7; 48 pages; publication 2015

Reflections meant to help in the process of discerning a vocation.

Prayerful conversation with God is not something achieved on the spot. It is something we grow into as we take the time and make the effort under the guidance of a spiritual director. As we grow intimacy with God, he begins to communicate himself to us, to take us more closely into his friendship, to draw us to the role he wants of us in life. We are then ready to consider seriously the question of vocation, if we have not done so definitively up to then. This book will be of great help in the process of discerning a vocation.  They are intended for prayer, not for mere reading. They should be prayed over one section at a time, preferably over a period of two or three weeks. The important thing is to use these words and ideas for prayerful reflection. Go slowly, very slowly, phrase by phrase, sentence by sentence. Reflect on them; talk to God about them. Make them your own. Do not rush. You are alone with God; he has lots of time for you. Each section begins with a scriptural reflection; use it if you wish to focus your thought and draw inspiration from God’s word.

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