Dictionary of Canon Law (A)

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By John Burke, SMA An African Inculturated Edition ISBN 9966-08-845-8; Pages 343: Publication 2014 Read more

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"The Dictionary of canon Law-An African Inculturated Edition" is one of the most important work of late John Burke. The dictionary, revised and updated by Robert Lezohupski, offers inculturated terms and notions in the line with all the recent documents of the Magisterium and with the achievements of the Canon law research, on the base of some authors such as G. Otaduy, J. Sedano, A. Viana, et al., Diccionario General de Derecho Canonico, Navarra 2012, vol. I-VII. The result is the beginning only of the vivid and ongoing project of the East-African School of Canon Law. This dictionary is presented to students of Canon Law, Clergy and to other interested parties. It contains about two thousand five hundred canonical definitions in English and Latin together with many cross-references to enable the enthusiastic students to write a good essay on any canonical theme, and, of course, to enable both priest and student to understand the canons and themes of the code more thoroughly. Every priest is  life-long student of Canon Law and so needs to have an up-to-date dictionary for reference and study purpose at parish level.

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