Demystifying Participatory Community Development

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Revised Edition 2008 By Francis W. Mulwa ISBN 9966-08-315-4; 336 Pages: 2nd reprint 2010 Read more

This book is one of the efforts today in search of effective strategies for poverty alleviation in Africa in the spirit of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). It seeks to blend the two worlds of the normative, scholarly perspective on the hybrid of ideas, methods and tools which have been tested and includes distinct methodological streams such as Development Education and leadership Teams in Action (DELTA), Participatory Monitoring  and Evaluation (PME), Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) and Participatory Strategic Planning (PSP) among others. The book will be a useful guide particularly in effort to reinforce and strengthen the management of participatory development initiatives intended to empower the poor and the powerless. This book leaves no doubt on the fact that participatory development is a process of the people, and by the people, enabling them to become masters of their own destiny. It is suitable for both field practitioners as well as students in development agencies and bilateral (government) funded projects will certainly find this book a gold mine.

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