Culture and Inculturation

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ISBN 9966-08-431-2; Year of Publication2009: Pages 144 By Vicente Carlos Kiaziku Read more

For the last five centuries occidental culture has invaded African culture, resulting in the colonisation and de-culturation (Destruction of culture) of the continent. In this context, the Evangelisation process takes a special place; the original scope of salus aninarum and later the plantatio ecclesiae have in recent decades given way to a new approach of cultural dialogue, which is respectful of diversity and tries to give an answer to the decline in interest, a growing discomfort and the return of Traditional Religion that are ever more present in Africa since the end of the Second World War. The author reviews the approaches tried throughout the centuries of Christianisation, the use of points of similarity, accommodation with certain compromise, acculturation, and then concentrates his study on the more recent proposal of inculturation, giving its definition, scope, objectives, criteria of application, strategies, not shying away from open questions and even doubt. Inculturation calls for a serious rethinking at the theological level, and makes demands on the indigenous clergy, the European missionaries and the Rome-centered Universal Church. The Study of Kiaziku concludes with an open ended question: "Inculturation, an utopia or a reality?"

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