Counselling for HIV/AIDS

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The Use of Counselling Skills for HIV/AIDS By Michael Moloney ISBN 9966-08-054-6; Year of Publication 2005; 112 pages Read more

There are nowadays a plethora of good books about HIV/AIDS which give information, advice and guidance. Although a number of these books may devote a section to outlining the importance and practice of counselling skills, there is also need for a more thorough look at counselling and counselling skills in the context of HIV/AIDS. The main skills to be examined are how to communicate and listen, how to become aware of our thoughts and feelings and those of others and, finally, how to empower another person to choose to move on with their life.

This is not a self help book for those with no knowledge of counselling, and consequently it will be of most use for those who have already followed a counselling course of some kind whether in basic counselling skills or at the higher level of certificate, diploma or even a degree in counselling. Likewise the book can be of use to students in a counselling course for HIV/AIDS.

While it is important to recognise that some people may have purely natural gifts in listening to people's stories and empowering them, most of us will profit from taking a deeper look at counselling, thinking about it, and practicing the skills. Good will is not always enough in this area where there is much misinformation, stigmatisation and fear.

A book for all those who, in any way, care for people living with HIV/AIDS. The book will also be of use to those living with HIV/AIDS.

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