Conversion and Reconciliation - The Rite of Penance

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By Rinaldo Ronzani, mccj The Rite of Penance ISBN 9966-08-234-4; Pages 208: Publication 2007 Read more

The sacrament of Reconciliation celebrates the mercy and forgiveness of the Trinity in our life, and enables us to accept our own sinfulness, as well as the sinfulness of others, as the way in which we become more compassionate. This acceptance does not lead us to complacency, but rather it will challenge us to enter into every situation and event with the very attitude of God himself. As God reveals his almighty power and strength in compassion and forgiveness, so we too are called to embody the same love as we learn to become, day by day, more compassionate towards others (cf.Lk6:36) . In our body  we shall always bear the scars of our sinfulness, but we shall journey through life in the certainty that we are "forgiven and reconciled" sinners, sinners who have experienced the joy of healing and of new life, sinners who are deeply loved and are called to love everyone in the same way. Then the broken world in which we live will be renewed and healed, especially when we surrender to the saving action of the Triune God both as communities as well as individual.

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