Contribution of Religious Education to the Creation of Responsible Citizens

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ISBN 9966-60-279-4; Year of Publication 2023; 256 Pages Read more

What are the relationships between European and African values and/or between civic and Christian values? What is the response of Catholic Religious Education to the new political, social, cultural, and religious situation in Europe, especially considering the huge migration influx? Authors of this book raise many important questions connected with migration and education for further reflection. Therefore, texts coming from Africa and Eastern Europe are of particular value, as their voices are still often not heard or not understood by Western Europe. The plurality of approaches and exchange of perspectives coming from different continents provide an opportunity to overcome some misunderstandings and mental borders in a global dialogue. […]

The book contains very creative reflections on the evolution of civic education and religious education, on the mixture of religious and secular elements within education, on appreciation and understanding of differences between value systems of different ethnic groups, and on the sense of belonging to one's locality, country, continent. The book also contains certain interesting suggestions concerning the use of methods and techniques in the service of Catholic Religious Education. These proceedings represent a source of mutual knowledge, experience, questions and opening of perspectives, so important for Churches, societies, schools, as well as for local, regional and national governments etc.

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