Conflict Resolution and Transformation

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ISBN 996608-436-3; Year of publication 2009; 1st reprint 2011: pages 104 By Koffissan Matthias Adossi A Participatory Approach for Youth Read more

Conflict is part and parcel of our lives as human beings. It is as old as humanity! When we become aware of the damage it can do to someone whose life is involved in it, we must prepare systematic and effective ways and methods of addressing consideration a reconciliation that seeks truth, mercy, acceptance, forgiveness, support, compassion, healing, respect, well-being, security, harmony, equality, rights, responsibilities, and above all, justice a justice that is not retributive justice but rather restorative justice. Conflict resolution and transformation is a process that needs specific steps and actions that when used can bring about the desired effect. The author presents four basic steps and actions for a successful process with a reminder that facilitators must adjust the process to their needs.
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