Confession - The Road to Freedom

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By Fr Steven Bilson-Ogoe ISBN 9966-08-556-4; Year of Publication 2001, Revised Edition 2010; 112 pages Read more

During the author's studies in the seminary, he discovered the joy of confession. Everything came under a new perspective,. It was a real discovery, a discovery that led him to develop the sire to get closer to God. The joy and love to confess has stayed with him since then and he is convinced that he must share this new experience.

This has led him to realise that many people need to know more about Sacramental Confession. Therefore, his main objective of the book is to provide both confessor and penitent with a new motivation to renew their commitment to the celebration of the Sacrament of Reconciliation, so that together we can arouse a holy revitalisation of this Sacrament.

As the author says, "it is my fervent hope that, through the reading of this book, priests, religious, seminarians and indeed all the faithful will be motivated to approach the Sacrament more frequently and with greater faith and zeal."

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