Code of Canon Law

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Updated Edition including the M.P Omnium Mentem ISBN 9966-08-738-9 Pages 504: 1st reprint 2013 Read more

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Church law is embodied in the Code of Canon Law, as distinguished from the Civil law of a country. It is necessary because the Church-as well as being a spiritual realty-is  physical institution within society, existing side-by-side with many other organisations and institutions. The Church needs its own laws both to regulate the Church's relationships with the rest of society. The Code of Canon Law contains directions and instructions for the whole people of God as members of the Church. The great second Vatican Council took place from 1962 to 1965. It come up with new ways of understanding the Church. As envisaged by Pope John XXII, the Church's law was revised after the conclusion of the Council so as to be in line with the new insights contained in the Documents of Vatican II and to put into juridical language the teachings of the Council Fathers. The new Code of Canon Law was promulgated in 1983 by Pope John Paul II, and he described it as the final document of the Second Vatican Council.

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