Christian Initiation for Girls

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Ephigenia W.Gachiri IBVM ISBN 9966-08-089-9; 184 Pages: Publication 2006 Read more

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In most tradition African settings, puberty was the age when girls were prepared for the Rite of passage, which included circumcision. The rituals were many, long and elaborate. The girls were taught how young women behave towards their parents and other siblings, towards boys and towards their future husbands. They were shown how to conform and fit into society. In our modern society, the youth experience the same adolescence without the benefit of the traditional systems. It is our responsibility therefore as parents and educators, to direct their search for meaning in their young lives. This book is a manual on holistic alternative to the traditional rite of passage and female circumcision. Our young girls can now have the opportunity to go through a comprehensive process of initiation that draws from what was of value in the traditional rite and what is of value in modern sciences, and blend them with Christian values. The meaning of traditional rites as practiced in Africa today has changed, and most often totally ignores the initiates. This practice creates a vacuum in the holistic growth and transition of young girls from childhood to womanhood. This book fills that gap. It is a programme for girls between 13-15 years, as a preparation for Christian Initiation. The girls will learn about their bodies, minds and spirit. Harmful myths and misinformation concerning sexuality will be looked at and dispelled. It also includes discussions on psycho-social issues for youths, HIV/AIDS and STDs. This manual Christian Initiation for Girls is an essential part of the project of the Loreto Sisters "Termination of Female Genital Mutilation" It is a valuable tool for the empowerment of the African Christian woman of today.

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