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By Rinaldo Ronzani, MCCJ The Anointing of the sick ISBN 9966-08-264-6; Pages 144: Publication 2007 Read more

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The sacrament of the anointing of the sick is the celebration of the healing touch of the Lord in our broken life. This gift, which is offered those who are seriously ill, or impaired by old age, or close to death, enriches the whole Church since it is a sign of the abundant and everlasting love of the Trinity for us.  Ultimately this sacrament reveals in a clear manner the mystery of a loving God who shares our human condition and, in the risen Christ, shows us his wounds (Jn 20:20), the sign of his victory over suffering and death. Filled with the Spirit, we too can then walk in newness of life, as we hare in the paschal mystery of Christ and live it in communion with the Church. Our broken body, which is made similar to Christ's broken body by suffering, pain and illness, is the focus of the Father's care and love. As Christ was ready to touch the broken limbs of the lepers and the sick, and restore them to life, so today the Church touches the broken bodies of our brothers and sisters with the same healing and life giving love. In word that is in deep need of healing, where the sick often feel rejected, discriminated against, stigmatized and often abandoned, the Church offers the sacramental sign that can truly renew and strengthen all of us in our desire to live our life to the full. Following the example and command of the Lord, the Christian community is called to take a prophetic stand, and to reach out to the sick with renewed energy, vision and love.

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