Changing Landscape of Christianity in Africa (The)

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ISBN 9966-08-648-X; Year of publication 2012: pages 92 By Pauline Aweto Eze Read more

While every age has its own distortion of Christianity, the distortion of Christianity in our time is the preaching of the "Gospel of prosperity", and at the heart of this Gospel is the teaching that the material thing one asks of God are more important than God himself. Some go to Church, not in search of God but in search of riches, husband, wife, children, promotion, or even a visa. It is by the pure, unrestricted but well-ordered desire for truth which this book represents that we find God, or rather, that we allow God to find us. And, having allowed ourselves to be found by God, we can find ourselves. (from Foreword by Most Rev. Felix Alaba Job, Archbishop of Ibadan, Nigeria)

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