Challenges in Prayer: Lord Teach us to Pray

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ISBN 9966-60-009-7; Year of Publication 2016; Revised 2023; 144 pages Read more

“May the God of peace himself make you perfectly holy and may you entirely, spirit, soul, and body, be preserved blameless for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Thes 5:23). These words of Paul resume the anthropological conception of the human being according to the Bible. The value of this conception, in contrast with the classical conception of the Greek Philosophers, is to integrate, in a great unity (“entirely”), not only the body (soma) and soul (psyche) but also the spirit (pneuma). Spirit here, means the real inhabitation in us of the Holy Spirit through the action of grace.  Faithful to the approach of Paul and of Ignatius of Loyola, Father Melchior Marandu, sj.  has dealt with prayer in this book, not just as an isolated activity of grace but “entirely”, that is, an activity of the whole person involving psyche and even body. Few treatises on prayer have attempted this wholistic approach. Therefore, we recommend the attentive reading of this book for a complete understanding of prayer and a better practice of it. 

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