Celebrating Feasts and Solemnities

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Commentary on the Readings By Fernando Armelini ISBN 9966-21-564-6; 132 pages; 5th reprint 2012 Read more

Solemnities and Feast are events of great importance in the life of the Church: they represent special moments in which the Church celebrates life. Through the Liturgical year these events are offering to Christians practical examples of how to follow Jesus and how to live Christian life in a given particular situation. It is therefore crucial that the announcer of the Word be prepared in order to communicate effectively the message to the Christians. The comments are on the readings and the capacity to touch the hearts of the listeners will turn the meetings of the Christians communities into feasts. The words must convey joy, liberation, serenity and peace, that same peace which the Lord gave his disciples on that day of his Resurrection. This book is the proclamation of a feast amidst sufferings and problems of life, because the Word of God is a message of hope and of joy.

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