Catholic Theology and Ethics in World Church-Africa

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By Toussaint Kafarhire Murhula, SJ & Odomaro Mubangizi, SJ (Eds); ISBN 9966-60-280-0; Year of Publication 2024; Pages 304 Read more

Global Health Crisis and Ethical Leadership in Africa: Beyond the Covid-19 addresses a wide range of issues that Covid-19 provoked, but most importantly, the need for ethical leadership when faced by global health crisis.  Even when Covid-19 has ceased being a global pandemic, its impact on the African continent still persists. As the chapters in this book eloquently suggest, Covid-19 pandemic has brought to the fore the need for a coherent moral framework, for addressing health inequities, the need to address security issues, and to reflect on the ultimate reality issues of hope and the resurrection in Africa.  Covid-19, more than any global pandemic, has demonstrated the urgent call for social justice in Africa, anchored in dignity of the human person and solidarity, with regard to how healthcare services are delivered. 

By focusing on the theme of leadership, the contributors to this book, make a strong claim that global pandemics are not just medical challenges, but they are also a Kairos moment whereby Christian leaders should stand out in addressing global issues.  This Kairos moment requires the active participation of all stakeholders--women, Church hierarchy (Bishops), various faiths, and considering Covid-19 not just as a tragedy but as a moment of grace.  Considering Covid-19 as a moment of grace also requires that Africa’s age-old holistic healing practices be taken seriously when looking for global health solutions. Culture matters, when dealing global pandemics.

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