Catholic? You must be Crazy! (A)

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By John M. Phiri ISBN 9966-21-022-9; 80 pages; publication 1990: 13th reprint 2014 Read more

Can Catholics really be as bad as they are made out to be? A young Zambian Pentecostalist, in his search for truth, has to struggle against his own prejudice concerning Catholics. After he becomes a catholic, another struggle begins this time to defend his new faith. Meanwhile, as he believes, His Holy spirit is never far away.  I have two sets of readers in mind: first, my fellow Catholics who share my ideals, and who may want to understand my background; secondly, those other Christians who may share some of my background, but who, as I did, may wonder if all that is told them is really true and in particular whether Catholics can really be so bad as they are made out to be. I hope the reader will detect the note of humour as well as the pain in my description of my journey in faith and of the encounters with my fellow Christians. My aim n writing this book is not polemic. I do not want to separate Christians but to bring them together. In these pages, the reader will meet Emily (not her real name), my mentor in the early part of my spiritual journey. Although I have had to discard much f what she told me, she did help to set in my heart that desire for the coming of the Holy Spirit that has marked my life.

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