Caring for God's Creation - The Journey of Faith 7

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By Paulines Editorial Team ISBN 9966-08-871-7; 72 pages; publication 2014 Read more

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Caring for God’s Creation

In the Bible, we learn that God created all things, visible and invisible. The Bible begins with the story of creation and describes how God made all things step by step in six days out of nothing. He sanctified and made them holy for a purpose; nothing exists by chance. God designed everything as they are and sustains them. The Biblical account is similar to African traditional beliefs that ascribe the creation of the world to the Supreme Being or God. In both cases, God is not only the creator but also the provider and sustainer of creation. Proclaiming the message of God in Africa must therefore be based on both Biblical and African teaching, especially with regard to the mystery of creation. Today climate change has caused many calamities like prolonged drought, unreliable rain, strange diseases, hunger and even deaths, because man has sinned against God by destroying nature. This section helps the reader to trace the origin and purpose of all created things in God. As believers, we owe our livelihood to God and so we honour him by caring for his creation. It shows how God in his love created all things and then commissioned us to care for them. By caring for creation, we participate in the work of God the creator.

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