Cardinal Otunga - A Gift of Grace

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By Margaret Ogola and Margaret Roche ISBN 9966-21-426-7; 144 pages; publication 1999; 1st reprint 2013 Read more

"Maurice Otunga was to attend the premier Catholic schools in the colony: Holy Ghost High Schools Kabaa and Mang'u. In time he became priest, bishop and cardinal. Aged 33, he was nominated Bishop, then one of the youngest in the world, in November 1956. He witnessed his country attain independence in 1963 after the Mau Mau war. Having been ordained to the episcopacy in 1957 at the height of the Mau Mau crisis, he served as an active bishop until his retirement as Ordinary of the Archdiocese of Nairobi in 1997: a period of 40 years. In biblical language this means a long time. At his retirement he was the longest serving Catholic bishop in the world. It is against this basic framework that Margret Ogola and Margret Roche have told a story of the life of Cardinal Otunga. The writers' portrait of the  Cardinal shows us a man whose trust in providence is totally unwavering. I recommend this little book for several reasons. One: it offer the reader new information on the Cardinal. But more important, this profile is a good account about a man whose presence is itself witness. Maurice Michael Cardinal Otunga is a Christian and a priest who lives what he believes."

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