Burden of Nationality

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ISBN 9966-08-160-7; Year of publication 2006:pages 288 By Jacob J.Akol Memoirs of an African Aidworker/Journalist 1970s-1990 Read more

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"The (Angolan Border) security men could not understand why I had a Sudanese passport, lived in Kenya, obtained a visa in Zimbabwe and entered Angola from Namibia!" This was the life and work of aid worker/journalist Jacob Akol for over twenty years. In his many travels around Africa, he witnessed great human suffering and the enduring strength of the human spirit. Here, he recounts these amazing stories of joy, suffering, hope, determination, politics and religion, history and culture, as the reader relives the definitive events of Africa's recent history. From the untold story of his role in the  "discovery" of the tragic Ethiopian famine of '84 to the hell that was Mogadishu in '92, from tips on how to play golf with former world leaders to how to not irritate troublesome immigration officials, and much in between, Akol takes us on an emotive and still vivid journey into Africa in the '70s, 80s, and 90's, while telling an unknown side of the stories.

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