Bread of Life (The)

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Pastoral Guidelines for Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion ISBN 9966-21-978-1; 96 pages; publication 2004 Read more

Only an ordained priest can validly celebrate the Eucharist (Mass) However, the distribution of Holy Communion does not necessarily require a priest. Apart from priest and deacons, duly installed acolyte are also empowered to distribute Holy communion in a normal situation. Needs may arise for other people to assist the ordinary ministers in the distribution of Holy communion. This is why provisions have been made in the Church for extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion. The Bread of life addresses this important service about extraordinary ministry of Holy Communion. It is written for dioceses and parishes which may want to introduce this ministry, for all those lay people who are called to this ministry and for those who are involved in the training of these extraordinary ministers of Holy.

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