Blessed Fredric and Amelia Ozanam

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Kevin Kraft, OP ISBN 9966-60-112-4; Pages 56: Publication 2018 Read more

The Ozanam couple together made a real "option for the poor" accepting a precarious life-style instead of seeking family comfort and security. He accepted his wife and daughter as precious gifts of life and always found and praised the providence of God in them. This series will explore the lives and writings of married people who have been declared (or for whom there is a well-founded hope that they will be declared) saints. They are proposed by the Church as intercessors and models of the Christian life in their own particular state of life and circumstances. 

The author presents a variety of modern married saints from different continents, cultures and professions, economic and social backgrounds. He highlights the magnificent variety of holiness which married couples can attain. 

This series presents the married couples the Church upholds as models of conjugal life and as a Christian path to holiness.

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