Biomedical Moral Theology

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An Introduction By Peter Oluoch Okoth ISBN 9966-08-924-1; Pages 160: Publication 2015 Read more

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This book is divided into three main parts. Part one covers the professional vocation of health care. It has three chapters, namely, the concept of biomedical moral theology; theories and principles; and the doctor-patient relationship. Part two deals with life; artificial reproduction; medical threats to motherhood; medical experimentation and research; and organ transplant. Part Three treats end of life issues. It has two chapters, namely, dying with dignity, and persons in a persistent vegetative state, terminally ill and dying. Our emphasis in this work is that scientific intervention in the field of medicine ought to have an anthropological face. That is, the human person is made of two elements that are substantially united, namely, the soul and the body. The body is a constitutive part of the Human person who manifests and expresses him or herself through it. Through it. Therefore, it cannot just be considered as a mere complex of tissues or organs. An intervention on the human body affects not only the tissues or organs and their functions but also involves the person's self on different levels.

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