Bible Study and Sharing Gospel of Matthew (The)

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Sundays of the Year A By Richard Baawobr, M. Afr. ISBN 9966-21-362-7; 136 pages; 3rd reprint 2010 Read more

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These reflection on the Gospel of Matthew are meant to help Christians Communities and other groups to study and share the Bible in their meetings. It is a combination of Bible study and Bible Sharing. In the Bible study we want to nourish our understanding of the Gospel's text, as the first readers would have understood it. We try to understand as deeply as we can what the writer of the Gospel wanted to say at the time he wrote it. In Bible study we want to nourish our prayer as a community. We are invited to share how the Word of God has touched us in a personal way. The word of God is for life and is capable of transforming our lives. That is why we are invited to look for ways to apply the word of God to our lives so that it can change our lives for the better.

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