Beyond, Century of Endeavour - A History of the Catholic Church in Kenya

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Over 20 years ago, Fr Lawrence Njoroge wrote A Century of Catholic Endeavour. The book narrated the story of the contribution of the Holy Ghost and Consolata Missions in the founding of the Catholic faith in Kenya. It was a publication that focused on the impact of the two religious organizations on education and human development in the country. 

This new publication Beyond Century of Endeavour has expanded the field of study and updated the story to cover the whole country. In order to hit the target, the author has received help from the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) that granted him access to their archives. At the same time, the book sourced information and data from the Association of the Sisterhoods of Kenya (AOSK) and the Religious Superiors’ Conference of Kenya (RSCK). 

A reviewer of the opus has called the work “a fairly comprehensive and definitive story of the Catholic Church in Kenya”. 

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REVIEW - Beyond Century of Endeavour: A History of the Catholic Church in Kenya

Gabriel May 09, 2023

"This book is a massive undertaking. The author, Fr. Lawrence Njoroge did a lot of follow-up and deep research. There are things I never knew before in the history of the Catholic Church which am now aware of. The book is of high quality, detailed with all the chain of events, interesting and easily flow. The masterpiece is riveting, brilliantly put together with a complex weave of such an important history of the Catholic Church in Kenya. This latest book tells us in precise detail backed up with evidence from religious archives and institutions. Fr. Lawrence books are great works and they will be referenced on the history of the Catholic church in Kenya."


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