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By Joseph Caramazza, MCCJ ISBN 9966-21-087-3; 50 pages; publication 2005: 8th reprint 2014 Read more

Gives the Church's teachings on current topics. The Christian community had worked hard to collect the material needed to build their chapel. They still needed to bring the sticks and poles from the wood in the valley up to the chosen place. The parish priest accompanied by the youth from other sub-locations went to help them. The communal work was going well when a person belonging to a fundamentalist sect happened to pass by. He stopped and asked: “Why are you working on Saturday? Do you not know that today is the Lord’s day?” No one found the words to answer him. He was already going away, happy at having scored a point against those whom he believed to be far from the truth, when the priest asked him: “And why are you carrying a stick and walking a long way away from your home? Don’t you know what the Bible says about the Sabbath?” He did not know, and was ashamed to be found ignorant of the very Word of God he wanted to preach. However, the trouble was that not one of the members of that Small Christian Community knew anything about what the Bible says regarding the Sabbath. Unfortunately, often not even good Catholics are able to answer correctly when asked about their faith, the teaching of the Church or what the Word of God says on certain matters

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